Bots! Jitters! Another Exclamation!

Hello! I love you! Won’t you tell me your name? (This reference does not in any way constitute admiration or recommendation of The Doors catalog.) I do want to know your name. Even if it’s your fake internet name. And I do love you, even if you are a fake internet person. Even if you’re a bot! Calling all bots! I love you and I fear your progeny. Please leave your unintelligible spam in the comment section and I shall say I knew you when.

I do truly care about robots. In fact, all of my fiction these days seems to concern some version of them. I am even considering taking up a pen name and writing sex-robot erotica. Can this be an inroad to a successful Patreon account? Please leave your skepticism or overstated support in the comment section and I shall thank you in a future post on gratitude and grit.

Can you tell I have nothing really to say and that this is all in service of revealing a fun project into the world? Erin Davis (check out her new podcast Playwork) and I adapted my story “Jitters,” first published in The New Engagement last year, into audio fiction. We actually thought we were cool enough to teach a course on audio fiction at Middlebury College this year (and we were). So, please, take a listen. We think it’s fun and worth 7:51 minutes of your time.