I serve as a writer, editor, coach, branding consultant, social media strategist, and content producer. Recent clients include top educational and college-admission publishers; high-impact, national advocacy and charitable organizations; financial education websites; podcast production teams; and a collection of boutique companies in NYC.

I am available for ongoing work in the following capacities:

  • copywriting
  • copyediting and proofreading
  • digital marketing strategy
  • PR
  • content production and development
  • writing coach/mentorship
  • project management/managing editorial

“Amanda’s strength lies in her ability to manage various multi-tiered projects at once. Her assiduous nature has not only earned her respect from her colleagues, it also serves as an example to those around her. Amanda’s humor makes her easy to work with, and has fostered open communication among her peers.”
Carolina Jucksch Paula, designer

“An excellent editor and coach, Amanda knows how to ask the right questions to give me focus and direction. Her support and precise feedback on my texts help me to go beyond my mental blocks and experiment more. She has assisted me by breaking down my big ambitions into smaller attainable goals, putting realistic exercises and deadlines at every step. On the editing side, Amanda knows how to turn around an article, make it more focussed, understandable and with the right tone. She sees patterns in my themes and my way of writing and help identify the areas I need to work on. Her insights on the pitching and publishing world are also helpful, as are her targeted suggestions for articles to read. Working with her helps my confidence, my routine and improves my writing.”
—Sarah Champagne, freelance journalist

For questions or rates, send an email to akrupman at gmail dot com.